The airfield


The "Alvaro Leonardi" local airfield at Terni, run by ATC SERVIZI S.p.A. is the biggest in the Terni province. It is situated at Maratta in an area called "Le Sore" (7 km from the centre of Terni) and takes its name from Alvaro Leonardi, an aviator from Terni, with over 620 flying hours and 25 air combats to his name during the First World War as well as being awarded the Silver Medal for military honour and the Cross of Merit for his performance during the war.

The airfield has an 870 m asphalt runway, with 09/27orientation. The preferred take-off orientation is 27, and for landing is 09.

It has a filling station (Jet A1, Avgas 100 ll, super SP).

It also has:

- visual control tower with an autonomous radio communication system,

- 28 hangars for aircraft parking,

- a fire prevention system including vehicle with fire fighting module and a team of qualified and skilled operators

- an H24 helipad, with night-time illumination and certified for passenger transport and medical emergency;

In 2010, at the Aviation Hall in Venice, the Terni airfield was awarded "best tourist port of call of the year"

ARRIVALS: Compulsory radio contact during parachuting activity

LOCAL RESTRICTIONS: It is prohibited to fly under 1500 ft AGL south-east area of the field centred upon the geographical coordinates lat. 42°33'14" N long. 12°35'52" and for a range of 1 NM (Notam AIP Italy RAC 5-8-6)

PLANT OPEN FOR THE TRAFFIC OF: General Aviation, Air taxis, Assistance (Red Cross, Civil Protection, Police, Carabiniere, Fire Brigade, Forestry Corps, Fiscal Police), Flying school, Modal airplanes, Gliding, Ultra-light, Parachuting, Hot-Air Balloons, Kiting.

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