The airfield has a filling station with the three main fuels used in aviation

JET A1 for turbine engines (turbo jet and jet)

AVGAS 100 LL for practically all piston powered aircraft

SUPER SP 100 octane (commonly called unleaded petrol or gas) a higher quality petrol to that normally distributed by roadside petrol stations, generally for engines installed on Ultralight aircraft

The fuel pump is homologated and has an extra waterproof filter and particulate

The refuelling supply chain is certified and traceable

There are two refuelling modalities:

SELF (completely carried out by the pilot including payment) by means of banknote acceptors and ATM at pump (no credit/debit cards). H24 the pilot can refuel without the need of ground staff assistance.

WITH SERVICE, the pilot requests the use of the pump and can refuel as much as desired, then pay at the office: credit cards are accepted in the office (excluding AMERICAN EXPRESS)

The pilot can ask for ground staff assistance during refuelling operations

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